Ancient Quenya Phonetics P4: [nl], [nr] became [ll], [rr]

AQ. [nl], [nr] became [ll], [rr]; [nl|nr] > [ll|rr]

In Ancient Quenya, the nasal [n] assimilated to a following liquid: nl, nr > ll, rr. This change was mentioned in both the Outline of Phonetic Development from the 1930s [OP1] and from the Outline of Phonology from the 1950s [OP2]:

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Primitive Elvish: voiced stops unvoiced before voiceless consonants

voiced stops unvoiced before voiceless consonants; [{bdg}{ptkpʰtʰkʰs}] > [{ptk}{ptkpʰtʰkʰs}]

In Primitive Elvish, voiced stops were unvoiced where they appeared before a voiceless stop, aspirate or [s]. Tolkien described this change in both versions of the Tengwesta Quenderinwa, from the 1930s [TQ1] and the 1950s [TQ2]:

Primitive Elvish: nasals assimilated to following stops and aspirates

nasals assimilated to following stops and aspirates; [{nŋ}{ppʰb}|{mŋ}{ttʰd}|{mn}{kkʰg}] > [m{ppʰb}|n{ttʰd}|ŋ{kkʰg}]

In Primitive Elvish, nasals assimilated to following stops and aspirates. It seems this change occurred first for the velar nasal [ŋ], somewhat later for the dental nasal [n] and may have occurred for the labial nasal [m] only after the Common Eldarin period, though the assimilation of [m] does seem to occur in a very ancient period for all the Eldarin child languages (Quenya, Sindarin and Telerin).

Old Sindarin: [p], [t], [k] spirantalized before [s]

OS. [p], [t], [k] spirantalized before [s]; [ps|ts|ks] > [ɸɸ|θθ|xx]

In (Old) Sindarin and (Old) Noldorin, voiceless stops [p, t, k] became spirants before [s]. Tolkien described these changes for Old Noldorin in his notes on the use of the Feanorian Alphabet from the 1930s. The tengwar representations for the compendia characters in these quotes is approximate, since they are not supported in current tengwar fonts: