Jan 18 11:18

JRRT letter on eBay

Anyone got ~£5000 to spare?...

A multipage, handwritten letter by Tolkien has come up for auction on eBay, judging from the teaser it must be quite interesting (I do not think it has any Eldarin related content though, but I can be mistaken).

Here is the link in case you've just won the lottery:

eBay auction JRRT letter

Jan 13 10:38


A short poem to start the year with. Tinwerúme is a coinage for 'starling', and it is sort of a blend between the English name of the bird, referring to its star-speckled plumage, and the Hungarian one (seregély), which alludes to its habit of gathering into great flocks at sunset and swirling around spectacularly, before setting down to night's rest.

Jan 09 22:38

Certar olossesse

aureo quenta
tecina certainen ló
maiwi olosses

I wonder if someone finds out what I have seen!

Jan 07 00:06

In dulci jubilo Quenyanen

In dulci jubilo,
Lamyaina Iluo!
Ilya alasselma
Sín in praesepio
Sé Ardo anwa calma
Matris in gremio
|: Alpha es et O. :|

O Jesu parvule,
Nye láva lumbule.
A sutya indo-ninya,
O puer optime,
Mánalyainen ilya,
O princeps gloriae.
|: Trahe me post te. :|

O Patris charitas!
O Nati lenitas!
Nánelme ilquen vanwa,
Per nostra crimina,
Men ánes tá voronwa
Coelorum gaudia.
|: Quanta gratia! :|

Ubi sunt gaudia?
Nómesse ui lá hyá,
Yasse Ainur lindar
Nova cantica,
Ar i Híni nandar
In regis curia.
|: Aiya alasse ta! :|

Jan 05 20:59

Nati yar mara nin

Here is another experiment with a fixed form - a triolet.

I lóme melinye
rá ilyan ya calima
imbe Menel Cemenye.
I lóme melinye
yá silme *cirihtanye
ar tintanye licuma,
an i lóme melinye
rá ilyan ya calima.

Things that I like

I love the night
for all that is bright
between Heaven and Earth.
I love the night
when I reap the starlight
and kindle a candle,
for I love the night
for all that is bright.

And here is an English version also in Triolet form:

It may sound trite, but the night I love
for all that is fair and bright

Nov 20 22:10

Norolinde nyarrinci

Lasselanta en
mal hríve úva véna.
Hlarin hlusseya
yá lóri aunorir as
norolinde *nyarrinci

Autumn still
but winter is drawing near to us.
I hear his whisper
when dreams run away together with
lightly tripping mice.

*We do not seem to have a word for mouse, so I made the rat smaller !
A Tanka on a recurring event, when winter comes, some mice insist on putting to the test our hospitality :)

Nov 06 14:45

I Rámarwa Kondo

This a Hungarian folk-tale - I hope it is enjoyable.

Oct 06 12:37

Sonnet LXXV

Indonyan nalye ve hrondon i massa
hya ana kemen i lissetuile-rosse;
sérelyan síve ammahtie mahtan
tambe i milka milya ana aute.
Sí penqant’ alassenen, ar tá
thorya i linyéni mapar harwerya;
Sí namin saila aselye pahta na,
tai merin Ilúve cene herenya:
Rilmalya síra endanya quate,
Noa nórisse háran ve nehtano;
Ú almie exa ar uan mere,
hequa ya camnen ar camuvan lyello.

Sie milyan, álan aure apa aure,
Sí nán aqua úna, tá alya mi úve.

Oct 02 19:56

Tulce sundar

I nordor tárar
et lumbotelumello
ve tulce sundar
nute menel cemenna
hloita indo lumbenen

The oaks are standing
out of the cloud-canopy
like immovable roots
to tie heaven to earth
to poison mood with gloom

Sep 08 09:57

Völsungakviða En Nýja


Yalúmesse yasse

enge yanda cúma,
úm' erma ú ear
ú alarce falmar;
úcarna né Arda,
utompa né Menel-
hácala undume,
u hatal linqueo.

valaine Valar tá
túra carmenta cárer,
i maira Mar
mai acáriente.
Hyarmello Heranar
ho ear oryala
sisíle salquenna
sinya mi yúcale.

(JRR Tolkien: The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún, 2008, pp59-)