Nov 20 21:16

WordWheel : weather


Nov 16 23:04



ára talcallo
hlíne tihta ar sinta -
lelyala fanyar

From a high post
a cobweb blinks and fades -
travelling clouds

Oct 31 20:13

Et nox facta est II


Oct 27 19:07

Narquelie 2


uoron lámar
roitar yaimie lámar -
lúme roimeva

Dogs' sounds
pursue wailing sounds -
hunting time

Oct 22 10:28

Something there is in beauty

A short translation, to keep the site going.

Lena's song from The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (S. R. Donaldson).

Oct 01 11:52


Aipior calyar
ruinevie rámainen
taurie pendi

Cherry trees illuminate
with blazelike wings
the wooded slopes

Sep 26 19:58

Et nox facta est

A few lines from the poem Et nox facta est by Victor Hugo, followed by my approximate English translation and the original French text.

I have added the second part of stanza I.


Ter loaron canta húmi lantes mir undome.

Ilya lúmesse sina, uas polle mapa quíne
hya orta timbarenya arihaure.
Nútanes minna mornie ar hísie, sostaina,
eressea ar haira sello oialie lómissen,
lantaner rámaryaron quessi lencientanen.
Lantanes, úpahtea, sámarya nwalyaina ar morna,
sára, karpa panta ar i talu tenanter tellumanna,

Sep 15 19:17


It is tangential to this website, but not tangential to who I am, so please forgive me for speaking out mz bitterness and pain: Richard Wright, musician, member of Pink Floyd, the group I esteem highest, has died.
I know he will play his rich, haunting layers of organ and gentle, mellifluous piano on the slopes of Taniquetil from now on.

Sep 10 13:48


Casar sina, vesserya tana.

Same lot, they are all the same.

(Cf. the Hungarian cognate: "One is nineteen, the other one is one less than twenty.")

Sep 10 13:44


Hello Aglardhers,

PE17:190, entry √WEG, WE3:

how do you understand the sentence "Personalized forms used both participially and as agentals."?