Sep 06 10:38


I kind of like the Quenya of the 'Lost Road'.

Aug 28 16:57


An attempt to recreate this fine poem by Shelley in Quenya:

Aug 27 18:44

Tolkien's copy(?) of medieval manuscript reprint with Sarati? Tengwar? inscription on eBay

This may be of interest to many - sadly I lack the funds to purchase this:

Sarati? inscription by JRRT on eBay

with a direct link to the — understandably, but sadly small — image:


Aug 26 09:33

From Auguries of Innocence

I read in a book1 that these four lines of verse from William Blake's Auguries of Innocence2 are considered by some the finest four lines of English literature. Well, I do not know about that, but they certainly do have an appeal to me in their Hermetic vision of the World:

  1. 1. England's Best Beloved Poems by George Courtauld
  2. 2. To check the whole poem see e.g. this link
Aug 23 19:19


Nu caimanya síra ceante,
lorna en, titta liante.
Lintamaite, nahtumnenye,
ananta - pustanenye :
Ma ólane sen, ma eccoituvas
ar nómeo ilvanya sanuvas
saminde liarin oa laiquasses -
ar qualme – soryuvasses?
Se leptanen leryatas
imbi hwinde ar tasar tás.

Ece lyen were línerya,
olwallo olwanna avalerya
i níti miquis artuileo,
cilintillar luinin helleo.
Nai Rána asyuva eresserya
tantala sanen lind’ isilmeva.
Quie mornie úvuva endanyan
harmalyar lelyuvar inwissinyan
i marillaron elvie naltainen
ar laituvanyel annalyainen.

Aug 21 07:45


Polilye quíta tulya i rocco i nenna, mal ual pole niritas yule.

You can take the horse to the water but you can't make it drink.

Middle-Earth variant: You can take the Dwarf to the barber but you can't make him shave.

Aug 12 08:51


How do you say in Quenya "Bloody spammers are trying to register on the site day after day and I must delete 3-4 newly registered bots every morning."?

Aug 09 16:44



Laume, uin ruce Ñurullo. Er uin mere na tás, quie tulis.

(Woody Allen)

  1. 1. yet another quote...
Aug 08 14:05


Jumping on the 'find the author of this quote' bandwagon...

Erinqua líkuma tinta úve líkumaron, ar i líkumo vehte úva *sennatakse. Alasse úva píka quie *etsátina.

Aug 07 19:36


Here is a quote for you to find out from whom it is:

Lóremo ná quen ye pole tuve tierya eryave isilmenen, ar paimerya ná i cenis ára nó ilye exi ambaresse.