I luine lúme (Tritina)

Oron pella oronye i luine lúme.
Morna, orna, tarne i taure nísima.
Rímaryasse ninqui lóteli ilcaner.

Tucina inen elevie ilcaner,
*Arassince ranne ter i senda lúme
Tussanna netya mi calasse nísima.

Tasse tyáves lóte pa lóte nísima
Tenna Lómitáriva míri ilcaner
Ar mornie tompe i lúcea lúme.

Sie vanwe nér
I lúme nísima ar
I lóti i ilcaner.

Beyond the mountain rose the blue hour.
Dark , tall, stood the fragrant wood.
On its edge white flowers gleamed.

Drawn by those (who) starlike gleamed,
A fawn wandered through the peaceful hour
Towards a dainty bush in fragrant brightness.

There it tasted flower upon fragrant flower
Until the Queen of the Night’s jewels gleamed
And darkness covered the enchanting hour.

Thus were gone
The fragrant hour and
The flowers that gleamed.

A Tritina for the fawn that honored our garden this summer and ate away most of the flowers.

*arassince for fawn. I hesitated to use opole, opolinte from the QL:70.



Good morning,

nice piece, the lines have weight, I like that.
Why *tucaina? The stem is tuc-, isn't it? I'd assume *túcina or perhaps *tunca.


Vanesse ale mí óre tirno, ve lóte.


Thank you for seeing that error. It should have been tucina (carna/carina).