The Random Poetry Game

I propose a new game to buzz up the Aglardh community a bit - I will call it The Random Poetry Game. I have had a similar topic on a Hungarian forum (not for Eldarin languages, we were "producing" poems in Hungarian), and it was big fun.

We will play it in Quenya first because of the size of the vocabulary, if it is a success we can extend it to other languages.

The rules are quite simple: I start the game by giving 4 words randomly chosen from a Quenya wordlist (EldarinWiki, Helge's list, PE index, whatever). The players are required to make a poem containing those words. Minimum 3 lines (a.k.a. haiku), maximum 8 lines.
The poems should have at least some semblance to a real poem and have some sense:)
The third person to post a poem will have the right to choose the next four words. The person giving the words cannot participate in that round.
I am being quite optimistic in hoping for 3 poems for each set, but knowing the small size of the community let's allow one person to post more pieces to the same set:) (but in separate comments please).

If a word is given in its basic dictionary form it is allowed to decline to conjugate it to fit the sense of the poem. But if the word is given originally in an already declined/conjugated form, it should not be modified in the poem but stay as it is. (We can flex this rule in any direction if it proves too difficult or too easy.)

To make it easier for the posters to follow up upon the threads I will create a subforum under the Games and Riddles forum, and then we can have a separate topic for each new set of words.

I hope everything is clear. Please do not hesitate to ask if any clarification is needed.

Game? :)