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Welcome all to Aglardh, the Glorious Realm, home for discussion on Eldarin and other Tolkienian languages.

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Aglardh is a website dedicated to the discussion and study of languages created and/or used by JRR Tolkien. Its aim is to provide space for friendly and educative discussion, articles, compositions, translations, speculations etc., all that is related to that fascinating linguistic world we all love.

The main features of this site are as follows:

* Aglardh is community-driven. This means that every registered user can post content, comment on others' contents, edit content, upload files & images (within limits). In this respect, the site is sort of a cross between a conventional discussion forum and a wiki.
* Sorry, anonymous users are not allowed to post on this site.
* There are 3 main types of content you can post on Aglardh: forum topics/posts in the forum; standalone articles here called "stories"; and books i.e. structured wiki pages, ideal for grammar lessons etc. Remember: all kind of content can be commented on by other users.
* When creating content, you can embed some HTML tags into your text to produce bold/italics/links etc. You can find extensive help on input formats when you are creating your posts.
* This site uses Unicode-encoding so that all accented etc. characters render properly. All modern browsers should detect this automatically; if for some reason you see weird characters, check the settings of your browser. It is also possible that you do not have a unicode-capable font installed. We recommend Bitstream Vera Sans, which is quite nice.
* The site is capable to render Tengwar properly. This means that if you put the appropriate keycodes between tags like this (with pointed brackets instead of the angled ones): [p class="tengwar"]jE,G[/p], you will see it in Tengwar in the post:


i.e. lassi. For this to work you should have either the Tengwar Annatar or the Tengwar Parmaite font installed on your computer.
* You can always return to the main page from anywhere on the site by clicking on the word 'Home' in the upper left corner.
* If this all looks daunting at first look do not worry - it is pretty straightforward actually:-)
* This site runs on Drupal portal software. The graphical design is a modification of the Barlow theme.
* If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us at atwe AT middangeard DOT org DOT uk - or use the forum on the site.

We wish you a happy stay on Aglardh.

Atwe & Ninniach