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Jul 10 12:42

Omentielva Lempea - Quenya / Sindarin Haiku Contest

Though I think everyone has seen the message on Elfling, I repeat it here nevertheless :

Omentielva Lempea organises a Quenya / Sindarin haiku contest. It would be nice to have the participation of some Aglardhers!

Please check the home page of Omentielva for the rules.


Looking forward to receiving your submission.



Jan 17 11:36

Languages of Middle-Earth community on Google Plus

This is a bit of an old news now, but if anyone's still interested, I have created a community called The Languages of Middle-Earth over on Google Plus.
Come, visit, look around, and join if you are interested.

Jan 13 19:36

Olor úfanwa (Glosa)

Appan náti úpaltime;
Auri vanwe calir ninna.

Fernando Pessoa

Appanye náti úpaltime
Yá i meneldie nári hraicénime,
Yá lencave ettule i hiswa lúme
Rénallo lómio ar feanyan latya
I muina ando minna turmen hísea,
Men elmendea cilmion únótime
Yass’ appan náti úpaltime.

Auri vanwe calir ninna
Yá feanya tulta i olor insenna
Yá onortas taura Aiwenáro sina,
Ante ilquo ya cé ua martuva oi ,
Envinyatar mardion et i astollo.
Ar tenna cuivienya, lúmesse senna,
Auri vanwe calir ninna.

Lucid dreams (Glosa)

Oct 14 18:40

I luine lúme (Tritina)

Oron pella oronye i luine lúme.
Morna, orna, tarne i taure nísima.
Rímaryasse ninqui lóteli ilcaner.

Tucina inen elevie ilcaner,
*Arassince ranne ter i senda lúme
Tussanna netya mi calasse nísima.

Tasse tyáves lóte pa lóte nísima
Tenna Lómitáriva míri ilcaner
Ar mornie tompe i lúcea lúme.

Sie vanwe nér
I lúme nísima ar
I lóti i ilcaner.

Beyond the mountain rose the blue hour.
Dark , tall, stood the fragrant wood.
On its edge white flowers gleamed.

Drawn by those (who) starlike gleamed,
A fawn wandered through the peaceful hour

Jul 01 17:53

Tantare (another Fib)

My stab at a syllable-counting Fib:

Ni·ave qillo...
Ai, malda ne nímo ave!

This is all from the Early Quenya Grammar except for ?av- which is what I make of QL:33 avin 'he departs', p.t. ambe.


A dance...
I'm getting out of here...
Oh, it's better that I get out!'

Jun 10 19:03

Míriel (a Parody)

Carni-mírie effírie pella
rt Míriello pempeu ilvanya(r).
Ma ece men save Serindeo fóle
I anes yando quile-maitar?

Red-jewelled beyond death
were Míriel's perfect lips.
May we believe in the Broideress' secret
that she also was a color-artist?

This is a parody of a poem by Christina Rossetti. Can you find out which one?

May 28 16:01

Losille (a Fib)

lostea áyanen
Pa i elmenda
Yanen cuivie walmeye nér tyárine -
Ma anes milya hwesta hya i miquelis wilwarindo?

I found this poetry form a few days ago by chance and a pencil drawing I made was the pretexte to try it out in French and Quenya. The forme started its career in 2006 apparently from this blog :


One can count either syllables, metric feet or words.

and here my French original :

Le baiser du papillon

Longtemps sur l'éveil

Oct 27 22:57

Fairion felehta - video

Fairion felehta that I posted during 2010 is now accompanied with a video (Quenya subtitles and music).


Aug 31 17:37

Quaine pitya-naukoron

There was a number song at the end of Omentielva Cantea, but it was just all the numbers in order, which is kind of boring. Try instead singing the following text to this melody:

Mine, atta, nelde naukoron,
Kanta, lempe, enque nornoron,
Otso, tolto, nerte nuxoron,
Pitya-naukoron quain.

Quaine, nerte, tolto nuxoron,
Otso, enque, lempe nornoron,
Kanta, nelde, atta naukoron,
Naukaliello min.

For the advanced, there is also a Sindarin version:

Min naug, tâd noeg, neledh nibin-noeg,

May 07 09:10


To change from haiku and tanka, here is a cinquain following the Adelaide Crapsey form that has a syllabic pattern of 2/4/6/8/2 or a syllabic stress pattern of 1/2/3/4/1. A. Crapsey gave titles to her cinquains that could form part of a 6th line. I tried the same here:

ara ráva lutta
yat mi quessaron sére ve

A swan
on the flow
beside the bank floats
neck within feathers' peace like
a cloud

and here is the French version (classic syllabic count)I wrote yesterday after having watched a beautiful swan floating down the Rhône. :