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thor den

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Dec 04 11:11

'Lícuma' mi Sindarin


Carampemme yo meldonya Cerebrum, ma i Sindarinwa quetta rá lícuma ná.

Mar 04 21:05

Tim naer

This is an older text of mine in Northern Sindarin, but since a lot some new information appeared about NS in PE17, I had to rework a great part of it and finally got to it. There was some interest regarding this dialect on this forum, so I'll just post it here.
Standard Sindarin iambic tetrameter:

Er gil min fanhoth tinta air,
Er tim hilimrin, timeg naer...
Atlanta celeb gīn trī fuin
Na falas lōmin, peithm a thuin.

Echuiant calad menel bhrand
In noeth nīn in echempin and.
Að renin orthad gīn mi ðūm
Am milbar nīn uin siðrin lūm.

Jan 04 17:12

Man Gil-galad?

Suilad Aglardhrim! Here's a sindarin translation of the song of Gil-galad from The Fellowship of the Ring:

O ’Il-galad uin Ellerain
si naer glirir i thelegain;
âr i-ardh vain ar lain vedui
mîn Eryd ar Aear Annui.

Lang dín and, i aith dín negen,
thôl gelair dín palan-gennen;
i ngelaid i-ngiliath ne thîn
tinnin vi thand gelevon dín.

Dan io-anann hae e gwannen,
mas e dortha ú-istannen;
êl dín dannant na fuin Mordor
ias i dhúath dhelu orthor.


*Ellerain Elven-kings
*dan but
*io-anann long ango

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I guess this is an interesting information from the lambengolmor list:

Mar 31 13:46

Meleth uireb

I have a grammar question. My fiance and I would like to engrave our wedding bands with "eternal love" in one of the Elvish languages. The idea is to have one band say "eternal," the other, "love." As far as I have been able to gather from the Internet, the correct way to say this in Sindarin would be "meleth uireb," and Celebrimbor's modified Tengwar (like that used on the doors of Moria) would be the best script for engraving. Am I correct?