Jul 10 12:42

Omentielva Lempea - Quenya / Sindarin Haiku Contest

Though I think everyone has seen the message on Elfling, I repeat it here nevertheless :

Omentielva Lempea organises a Quenya / Sindarin haiku contest. It would be nice to have the participation of some Aglardhers!

Please check the home page of Omentielva for the rules.


Looking forward to receiving your submission.



Apr 16 16:58

Er nat i losta

A new version:

Aiweo líre -
titta nat fantea mai
aldo parnie

Bird's song -
a little thing veils well
tree's nakedness


Er nat ya losta
aldasse lasselóra --
aiweo líre

One thing that blooms
on the leafless tree --
bird's song

Jan 27 19:02


Nyelle helceva
lingala or i nelle
nallamya - quilde

A bell of ice
dangling over the brook
echoes - silence

nallamya = nan- lamya = back sound
Etym has nalláma noun "echo" (LAM).

Oct 20 18:57


Coa hehtaina -
mapalindion quiler
i erya viste

Abandonned house -
maple trees' hues
the only change

Jun 04 21:51

Wílala niquis

Mólala lístan*
namba talyainen niquis
et i lotsello

Toiling bee
hammers with its feet a petal
out of the flower

*lístan: kenning for bee "honey-maker"

Jan 30 20:16


Alve hrívesse
ingaryasse cucua
hára fanyasse

Elm in winter
on its top a dove
sits on a white cloud

Jan 09 22:38

Certar olossesse

aureo quenta
tecina certainen ló
maiwi olosses

I wonder if someone finds out what I have seen!

Aug 19 20:21

Lunte mi londe

Lunte mi londe -
or noirerya únúra
ríe uileva

Boat in the harbour -
over its shallow tomb
a wreath of seaweed

Jan 31 21:47


Fanyallor pella
náse silma lá Isil
anaro ausa

Dec 14 19:47

Taure calava


aure huinéva
mi colla niquessíva -
taure calava