Aug 08 16:35


Alasaila ná i quetie oholima palaresse coronincarwa.

Oif a feld mit berglech derzejlt men nit kain Ssojdess.(Proverb in Yidish from "Jiddish Das Abenteuer einer Sprache" by Salcia Landmann"

One does not tell secrets on a field with little mounds.

We didn't have any proverbs for a long time - I couldn't resist that one.

Jan 15 09:04


Amilya inse ua hanya i úpa hína.

Even its mother won't understand the dumb child.
("Néma gyereknek az anyja sem érti a szavát." Hungarian proverb)

meaning: if you don't speak about your problem nobody can help you

Aug 21 07:45


Polilye quíta tulya i rocco i nenna, mal ual pole niritas yule.

You can take the horse to the water but you can't make it drink.

Middle-Earth variant: You can take the Dwarf to the barber but you can't make him shave.

Jul 10 12:08


Ye exen latta unca, inse lantuva sanna.

(Biblical proverb)

Jul 10 12:05

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