Apr 26 15:27

Spring mood

Tuileo lindi
ter i aure lamyea
aiweo "qui qui"
sámanyas nallamyea
é, mana qui, mana qui...

This Tanka works of course only in Quenya or any other language where the sound of "kwi" means "if"!

Spring tunes
through the day sounds
a bird's "if, if"
in my mind sounds back
indeed, what is if, what is if...

Apr 14 20:11

Talan lassea

Talan lassea -
nu nelleo nén tinda
tuileo tuimar
cénar aurion naltar
i váner - i tuluvar

Leafy ground -
under brook's glinting water
Spring's buds
see reflections of days
those that went - those to come

Nov 20 22:10

Norolinde nyarrinci

Lasselanta en
mal hríve úva véna.
Hlarin hlusseya
yá lóri aunorir as
norolinde *nyarrinci

Autumn still
but winter is drawing near to us.
I hear his whisper
when dreams run away together with
lightly tripping mice.

*We do not seem to have a word for mouse, so I made the rat smaller !
A Tanka on a recurring event, when winter comes, some mice insist on putting to the test our hospitality :)

Oct 02 19:56

Tulce sundar

I nordor tárar
et lumbotelumello
ve tulce sundar
nute menel cemenna
hloita indo lumbenen

The oaks are standing
out of the cloud-canopy
like immovable roots
to tie heaven to earth
to poison mood with gloom