About Us

About Us

This is Aglardh, the website where you can discuss the languages created by JRR Tolkien, publish your texts, translations, post questions, look for links to resources, and have fun.

You must become a registered member if you want to post or comment on this website.

Once you have become a member, you have several possibilities to create your content. If you want to post an article, poem, translation, etc I suggest you create your content selecting the Article content type. If you'd like to post a question, discuss neologisms, or a point of grammar etc. the best would be to post them as a Forum topic and choose the appropriate subforum for posting.

You can even post texts written in Tengwar - all you need to do is wrap your text between # tgw # and # /tgw # tags (you need to remove the spaces after/before the hashtag symbol), and the characters will be shown in the Tengwar Annatar typeface.

Aglardh uses the Charis SIL typeface which supports a large range of characters making it suitable for use in linguistic texts.


The website supports a wide variety of formatting options - if you want to look through them, head to http://middangeard.org.uk/aglardh/filter/tips