I am musing about possibilities to express rights and related concepts - rights, dues, claim to something, entitlement, just/justice etc. - in NeoQuenya/NeoEldarin. I have not really been able to find any words in this semantic space in the attested vocabulary (there is a deleted Gnomish word for "rights"), so we'd need to resort to a metaphor or neologism.

New tengwar sample found

In case not all of you follow Lambengolmor: Carl has brought a new tengwar sample to our attention, cf. https://www.christies.com/lotfinder/books-manuscripts/tolkien-john-ronald-reuel-two-autograph-6218450-details.aspx.

It is a short sample that reads “nai lye hiruva airea amanar”.

With regard to the tengwar, there are two unusual features:

New Method For Password Recovery

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Sindarin Phonetics: [ðv] became [ðw]

S. [ðv] became [ðw]; [ðv] > [ðw]

In Sindarin, the combination ðv became ðw. The clearest description of this change in appears in notes on the development of stops + nasals from the the late 1960s:

tm, dm > ðm, later ðv, ðw (VT42/26).

This note only shows the development for v arising from the spirantalization of m, but another late note hints at similar developments for v arising from primitive b:

Elenillor Atannar


Ingolmor náquetir, sa i enwa sa atani *yestaner telkonta talusset yéni *lindóre yá antane alta *nista *oliendenna silúmie atanion; sí meneldili *etsastear vinya nó manen enke san tule. Elenion téma *verehtane *Élikombelvasse ter loar *lindóre, ar si karaitie anyane ingarya epe hya nó loar *yundóre yá. I *verehtaler vistaner Ardo vilya ha tyáre rimbe *helletindi i tintaner aparuivi; aldaron úme firne ar palde *salquenori nostaner. Atani samner analta *ekesta termare qui tolunente talunta ar pollente kene *hairenna.