Vinya Asta Nosseo

Harley the vizsla

Si Harley. Harley linyenwa roa: oine ambe lá koranári yunque tensi. *Rehtamardello tulles máremmanna auri lempe yá. Linyenwa ké náse, titta *urukeníte ar *uruhlaraite, mal karaite. Sí ena páralme *minexo lér, mal ilya auris patalme ande vantar i *arayondesse. Merimme anta sen méla yo *aþyaite már telde koranarennar vehteryo.

*rehtamar(d-) n. "rescue house"

*minexa n. "(lit. one other), one another, each other"

*arayon(de) n. "nearby region, neighborhood, vicinity"

*urukeníte adj. "having poor eyesight"

*uruhlaraite adj. "hard of hearing"

All my troubles seemed so far away


Remember that thing that noa in Quenya meant "yesterday" at some point and then "tomorrow" at another? I have just read on Anatoly Liberman's excellent blog that the same thing was true for "yesterday" in Germanic, and it made me think whether Tolkien did have this at the back of his mind (he was a Germanic scholar after all, including Gothic) and is noa some kind of an insider joke or just a sheer coincidence?

I guess we will never find out, but Tolkien is still capable of eliciting aha-moments like this from me and it's just fascinating.