December 2019


This little poem is heavily inspired by a poem written by Hungarian poet Sándor Weöres that was known practically by every child when I grew up (and probably still is). I can't call it a translation as I simply lack the vocabulary and skills to do it justice, but I at least tried to convey the rhythm (the original consists purely of molossi to mimic the swinging-ringin motion and sound of the sleighs) and sense.

First Age in Neo-Quenya


Hello! Thank you for accepting me in the forum.

Ingolonde Project
I just finished listing all Sindarin names of Beleriand and characters of the First Age, so they can be translated into (Neo)Quenya. I think that having a consensus on these matters can be very useful for different projects. The list is hosted in Tolkien Gateway, as it can be useful to check the links, but maybe it could be better somewhere else?

Quenya Grammar P31: Assimilated Locative

Although the adverbial suffixes often used a joining vowel when combined with consonantal nouns, in cases where the final consonant of the noun matched the first consonant of the suffix, the suffix was usually assimilated to the noun: Amanna “to Aman” (VT49/26), menello “from heaven (menel)” (VT43/13). In a set of Quenya prayers from the 1950s (VT43, VT44), however, Tolkien experimented with some more complex assimilations.

Slide, glide


This is a continuation of a discussion we had on G+, searching for NeoQuenya (and Sindarin) words corresponding to "glide, slide" and "sleigh, sled".

As a summary, Sami suggested to adapt/update the early root √LEHE as *√LEKH and have a verb *leh- "slide, glide" on analogy of lah- "kick".

Robert Reynolds suggested that