January 2020

Elen Hya Andamunda?

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Si aia raiwe, si engwe ya neme ve kuluina andamundo helma ná naitie emma Anaro “palmeo”. I *palantilla Inouye ya tára to Hawaii akárie i emma ya ná venya minya arwa taite alta *askatiéo. *Sastanen i quetta palme imbe *eques-tehtat, an láse naite palme, *aryaquenta náse yasse Anaro úra *hisse ola *nelka ar potai kénima. I palantillo amalta askátie lári otso, epetai ere i kuluine mottoron alta *yúla-olla ve Texas. I mottor nar yasse i úra hisse orya ana Anaro orwe yondi, ta nanunta ter i ammorne astar.

Quenya Grammar P38: Subject Suffixes

As a general rule, the subject precedes the verb in Quenya: i nér cenne “the man saw”. The biggest exception is when the subject is a pronoun, in which case the pronoun is attached to the verb as a suffix: cennenye “I saw” = cen-ne-nye “see-(past)-I” or “see-(past)-1sg”. This is not strictly speaking subject-verb agreement, a feature of many European languages. The Quenya pronominal subject suffix doesn’t “agree” with the subject, it is the subject.



In PE22:103 Tolkien mentions the Quenya verb lauta- "abound" and goes on saying that it is used impersonally, as in malta launen "gold abounded to me". Is this truly impersonal though, a subjectless verb, like úlo, or luin? Isn't the case simply that here "gold" is the grammatical subject, but the logical subject is "I"1?

Quenya Grammar P37: Pronouns

Now that Eldamo 0.7.5 is published, I'm restarting the number sequence for this series at P37 to match what is in the data model. The numbering of the old posts don't match what is in Eldamo, so don't worry that P35 and P36 were "skipped".

Quenya uses pronouns as most languages do: for noun replacement with either a participant in the discourse (“I, you, we”) or someone referenced in the discourse (“he, she, they”). Quenya has a set of pronouns similar to English, but makes some distinctions that English does not:

The Quenya Definite Article

With permission, I'm posting a link to Raccoon's description of the Quenya Definite Article, which is much more detailed than mine:


This file was originally posted in Discord. I wanted to put a copy of this very interesting research into a publicly accessible location to make it less likely it would be lost in the mists of the Internet.