September 2020

Sindarin Grammar P53: Adverbs

One notable feature of Sindarin is that it often uses adjectives adverbially, as in: noro lim, noro lim Asfaloth “run swift, run swift Asfaloth” (LotR/213). This can occur only when the adjective could conceivably be an attribute of the verb’s subject, as in this example where “swift” is applicable to the subject (Asfaloth). As Tolkien described it:

Sindarin Grammar P50: Interrogative

There only two currently published questions in Sindarin (and none in its conceptual precursors): linnathol? “will you sing?” from 1969 (PE22/167) and man agorech? from the early 1950s (VT50/5), untranslated but almost certainly meaning “what have we done?” using the late-1940s, early-1950s 1st pl. inclusive pronominal suffix -ch (VT50/21-22). These two questions give us a fair amount of information, though.

(Neo)Quenya Equivalents of the 1000 Most Frequent English Words


The idea popped up on Vinye Lambengolmor that we could continue this fun project that we started on Google Plus but never finished. 

We can discuss ideas here as we are progressing through the list (which is already quite advanced).

Here's the link to the spreadsheet: