February 2021

John Keats: I Had a Dove

Posthumous portrait of Keats by William Hilton

As it's the 200th anniversary of the death of the romantic poet John Keats, here's the Quenya translation of one of his poems that he wrote on the death of a favourite bird he'd been keeping.

I took some licence by assuming a shortening of manan to ma'n in fast speech and in poetry, but the lines would've been overlong otherwise.

Sámen kukúa ar i lisse firne;

Ar náven firnes nyérenen:

Hritano Nandaron Rehtie

a watermeadow

Illi melir nandar – patare nandasse tuiles hya laires mine i ammélime felmion ná. Mal nandar yú valdie nar, yorila laimaron *raition úme i antar már píron ar *hlikkoron úven, ta yú antar mat nierin. Ente saminte enta *ompasse:i tumne nandar polir sirion luime epetai varya atanion mári. Taite nanda late ara i osto yasse harinye, ar erehtánies me rimbe lussen.