On this page you will find information how to post on Aglardh.


Aglardh is a multiuser community website. All registered users can post content and comment on each other's content.

Think of the Aglardh frontpage as a continuous stream or wall of posts - much like the stream of posts on social media e.g. on Google Plus. Whether it's an article you are posting, or a topic in a forum, when you post it you can promote it to the front page (by using the Promotion Options section on the right hand side of the screen when you are composing your post) and then it will be added to the stream of content of the front page - or you can decide not to promote it.

Content on the front page is shown in a truncated version - the reader should click on the title or on the Read more link to access the full post.

Content Types

There are three types of content you can create when you click on the Add Content link in the sidebar. They really only differ from each other in how they are categorized and displayed (Drupal, the software behind the website, treats all content as nodes regardless of what we call them).


Article is a content type best suited for posting individual essays, poems, texts, translations etc. They work best when they are promoted to the front page  (or we need to put them in a special category or page where people can access them - if you opt for this, contact me).


Books/book pages are articles that are related to each other and are arranged in a hierarchy so the reader can easily move from one book page to another. If you were to write for instance a series of essays on Eldarin roots, or a NeoEldarin course, these would be best created as part of a book.

Forum Topic

Forum topics are best suited to post questions, discuss ideas, give feedback, chat in Quenya/Sindarin/etc. They are special because even if they are not promoted to the front page they can still be easily found in the Forums.

Formatting Your Content

The website supports a wide variety of formatting options - if you want to look through them, head to

The options include adding footnotes, inserting special characters, tables, links, use markdown for notation etc.

You can even post texts written in Tengwar - all you need to do is wrap your text between [ tgw ] and [ /tgw ] tags (you need to remove the spaces after/before the brackets), and the characters will be shown in the Tengwar Annatar typeface, e.g. jEwR. Remember that you need to use the font's specific keyboard layout in order to type your text correctly. The font does not have to be installed on your device in order for you to see it.

You can easily insert links that point to a search for a specific word on Parf Edhellen ( ) by using the shortcode [ pe:word ](without the spaces after/before the brackets) e.g. lambe.

Aglardh uses the Charis SIL typeface which supports a large range of characters making it suitable for use in linguistic texts.

If you have any questions regarding how to post or format content do not hesitate to contact me or simply post your question in the General Discussion forum section.