Select Elvish Words 3.641-3.642: Eagle, Hawk, Crow

3.641 Eagle, Hawk

ᴹQ. fion (fiond-) n. “hawk, ⚠️haste”

A word in The Etymologies of the 1930s derived from the root ᴹ√PHI and the basis for the name ᴹQ. Fionwe (Ety/PHI). As described by Christopher Tolkien, the gloss of this word is unclear and might be “haste” or “hawk” (LR/381), but according to Carl Hostetter and Patrick Wynne, the reading “hawk” is more likely.

Upright or Upside-down? — A Small Exploration of the Variants of Silmë and Essë

If you have studied Tolkien’s attested Tengwar writings yourself, you probably won’t get anything new from this, the distribution of silmë and essë and their respective nuquerna forms have been known in theory for quite a while now and the conclusions I draw aren’t don't add anything new. However this comes up quite frequently, so I wanted to write a slightly more extensive explanation.