Yeats Poem Translations

This is a collection of WB Yeats's poems translated into NeoEldarin - you can see the links to the posts under this main post. And of course, everyone is welcome to add their own translations to the collection - it would be lovely to have a variety of attempts and interpretations of these beautiful texts.

If you'd like to add a translation, just click on the Add Child Page button under this post. If you have any problems, just reach out to me.

Quenya Grammar P70

Tolkien often distinguished verb conjugations (for the various verb tenses: aorist, present, past, perfect, future) from what he called “verb inflections”. These inflections are added to the tense stem, and came in three types:

Stay Safe

Si hrange, alasenye, ar raxie lúmissen merin sa illi nalle ar lemyalle varne ar málesse, ar sa vehtellar rongo entuluvar senya tienna. Ar qui nalle aquapahtiesse - eke len illume quete ar teke sinome.

Na varne ar á sove máldat!