Doing Quenya Phonetic Research

Doing Quenya Phonetic Research

I already posted this on the Discord forums, but it occurred to me that not everyone on this site is also on Discord so I ought to say something here as well.

I fully intend to write a series on Quenya phonetic developments similar to what I did on Sindarin. However, I’ve got a lot of basic research to do first before I can post anything. My Quenya phonetic notes are a mess and I need to clean them up and properly model the sound changes before I can discuss them in detail.

As a result, I may be comparatively quiet over the next few months as I do the necessary research. This doesn’t mean I’m “gone”, and just working in the background.

Though to be perfectly honest, at the moment I am working on a paper for Omentielva Toltea, but I’ve also begun assembling Quenya phonetic notes and will get back to them when the paper is ready (it shouldn’t take long, I’ve already done the research).


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I apologize for the delayed response, but for some reason my RSS feed didn’t notify of this post.

Yes, I will eventually post preliminary Quenya results here when they are ready. It’s just that I have several months of basic research organizing my notes and analyzing etymologies before I can post even preliminary results.

The Sindarin posts were actually the end result of many months of research, so the speed at which I produced them was misleading.