Anyára Toina Kauma Tuvina Mi Leicestershire

Anyára Toina Kauma Tuvina Mi Leicestershire

*Minaþurindor utúvier anyára kauma Angalnóreo endasse, mi Leicestershire. I túvie valdea an i kauma *aldaparmallo karinwa loar *yutuxainen *neltuxa yá - toine engwi senyave queletyar ter i yéni, epetai rie *tinkine ar *kennassie tamnar termarir; mal si kauma, yalle *mamuti tuvine Siveriasse, né *vortaina mottosse. Sí eke lien kenda manen yáre tánor kárer taite tamnar ya anta men *ekesta hanya manen *yárontarilvar oiner yéni yá.

*aldaparma n. "tree bark"

*yutuxainen card. "two thousand" (Eldamo)

*neltuxa card. "three hundred" (Eldamo)

*tinkina adj. "metallic" (Eldamo)

*kennassea adj. "ceramic"

*mamut n. "mammoth"

*vorta- vb "preserve, make last"

*ekesta n. "chance, opportunity"

*yárontari n. "ancestors"

Researchers have discovered an ancient shield in the center of England in Leicestershire. The discovery is important because the shield was made from tree bark two thoudand three hundred years ago - wooden things usually perish over the years, consequently only metallic and ceramic artifacts endure; but this shield, like the mammoths in Siberia, was preserved in a bog. Now people can study how ancient craftsmen made such artifacts, which gives us an opportunity to understand how our ancestors lived once upon a time.