Neologisms (Q, S, Kh, Ad, W)

Neologisms (Q, S, Kh, Ad, W)

Some neoformations and tentatives.

*(am)mintita-; *(am)nincita- "to make small/-er" (< mintë, ninki- "small" : cp. airita-, an-torya-më)
*anarmë "sunlight" (< A-NAR; cp. isilmë)
*fafaina- / *fafáya- "to radiate" (< PHAY)
*hairë; *tauvë "that which one finds, a find(ing)" (< KHIR; TUB)
*hrangwa, *hranguma "obstacle, complication" (< SRAG/SRAK; cp. sangwa, sanguma)
*lametë; *latyelë "infinity" (< MET; KYEL)
*lëa- "to behave" (< LEÑ)
*(o)yatya- "to combine" (< YAT)
*perelenda "halfway (point), Fi. puolimatka" (< PER, LED)

*(ed)iafn, *iaudh "fructus, fruit" (< YAB : #2 < *jab-d-)
*gladhwa- "to make laugh" (< G-LAD with -wa- from PE22:148)
*go-, *tre-dognir "a guide-person" (< TUK, NDER)
*gwethed "a report" (< (G)WETH)
*iaust "a crop" (< CE *jab(a)stā : Qe. yausta)
*lefra-, *limma- (pp *limmen) "to link, join" (< LIM)
*naeth-eb/-ob "miserable" (= Gn. naithol)
*peneth "lack, absence" (< PEN)
*sedhwa- "to pacify" (< SED)
*sest, *sedhetheg "a pause, breather" (< SED)
*thinnadren (nn, nh) "of a late hour" (< THIN)

*agbâl, *gubl(a) "largeness, size" (< G-B-L; vocalisation #2 < uzn "dimness" & Salo's *buzra "abyss")
*asgân, *sugn(a) "length" (< S-G-N)
*banadul / *bundul adj. "main, principal" (< B-N-D) — with #1 cp. forms like Arabic madanī ('urban'; not "madīn(at)ī ") [Ad Notam: If -ul is simply the genitive suffix, one would of course have to use some other ending as the equivalent of nisba, such as #-âg.]
*kalk "drinking-glass" (< Q calca which fits well as a loan [culturally & vocalically]; /1a23-/ also in bark "axe" & Arabic kaˀs "drinking-glass")
*makhald "glassified thing, ice" (< Kh-L-D)
*nereg "black substance, ink (OEng. blæc, Fi. muste)" (< N-R-G)
*ubnad (st. abs. *ubnâd?) "headman, Arab. raˀīs" (< B-N-D)
*uzhā̆r "builder" (< Z-H-R)
*uzrā̆b "chronicler, (Auf)schreiber" (< Z-R-B)
*zerab (?zérab) "tool for recording/writing" (< Z-R-B)

*anā̆kh "coming, arrival" (< NAKH)
*an(a)-khâud-i / *an-ukhôd-i / *nukhôda "secret(ive)" (back-formations from nahald — cp. Words of Westernesse pp. 99-100)
*anazâri "maritime, pelagic" (< azar-/azra)
*arâth "queen" (W aranth-a, -e [TT17:37]; noun-type banâth)
*atā̆r (n.) "support" (< #TAR, SD:429)
*atrazân "supportful, supportive"
*-(â)ubad / *-obad (postp.) "in front of" (see next)
*avlazân adj. "(having or showing) divine, Valar-like (authority)" (< *Avâl ; cp. Abrazân)
*azradâ- v. equivalent of theoretical Fi. *merestää/meristää (et sim.) — a possible synonym for "to go sailing" ?
*barâth "lady" (fem. counterpart of bâr "lord")
*bata ~ *bâtik (du. -ā̆t) "foot" (< #BAT pro YAD)
*huz- / *huzug- (huzgâ-) "to hear, listen to" (< HUZ('N); cp. phazân, phazag-)
*nakhad- vs. *ank(h)a-dâ- "to bring" (< NAKH; cp. Quenya, Hebrew & Aramaic equivalents < 'to come')
*-tarân "supporter of some single concept" (< #TAR, SD:429)
*ubul ~ *obal "front part, front section" (< ʔUB < ob-roth)
*zêkan- vs. *z(â)ikan- "to contain" (< ZAY, KAN)

*azûli "eastern" (opp. Adûni, PM:316)
*brutt-i/-a "heavy" (Ad. buruda)
*ruttu "mountain" (< Ad. urud; cp. W ruccu < urug)
*zag(ar) "sword" (< Ad. zagar ; cp. PG *dagaz > OSax. dag vs. Lat. rogāre > Cat. & Sp. rogar)
*zind(a,i) / *zint "straight, direct" (< Ad. izindi)

Submitted by Atwe Wed, 11/14/2018 - 08:40

That's quite a list, thanks for sharing it! I will only comment on the Quenya entries now.

Submitted by Paul Strack Fri, 11/16/2018 - 02:00

Out of haire and tauve I think tauve is more probable, since tuv- is glossed “discover” whereas hir- seems to mean “find that which was lost”