Mana kárar i merilli, amme,

Sí yá laire vanwa?

Kaitar mi kaima karnenen vaina1,

Ar Anarnen ten óla.


Mana kárar indilli2, amme,

Sí yá Nárie haiya?

Ilya olosse3 mi laupe4 losse

Ar Iþilnen sen óla.


Manen nin eke óla, amme,

Lan Iþil Anarye háya?

Merilnen lanosta, nassenen lahasta,

Ar indilnen ya ‘pa aure xéya!



What do the roses do, mother,
Now that the summer's done?
They lie in the bed that is hung with red
And dream about the sun.

What do the lilies do, mother,
Now that there's no more June?
Each one lies down in her white nightgown
And dreams about the moon.

What can I dream of, mother,
With the moon and the sun away?
Of a rose unborn, of an untried thorn,
And a lily that lives a day!

  • 1. EQ "clad"
  • 2. Assumed a stem indill-
  • 3. I used the more archaic form "olos" for "dream"
  • 4. EQ "shirt, tunic"