Slide, glide

Slide, glide


This is a continuation of a discussion we had on G+, searching for NeoQuenya (and Sindarin) words corresponding to "glide, slide" and "sleigh, sled".

As a summary, Sami suggested to adapt/update the early root √LEHE as *√LEKH and have a verb *leh- "slide, glide" on analogy of lah- "kick".

Robert Reynolds suggested that

in PE22 page 150 Tolkien considered redefining √KIR to 'shave; skim (surface), slip along, glide quickly' with kirya as an adjective 'swift gliding'.

And I suggested *pas- as an intransitive variant to pasta- "to smooth, iron", akin to the pair kes-/kesta-.

@Findegil has been using the attested raxa in the sense of "drag, transport without wheels" for "sleigh", which makes sense as sleds are not necessarily restricted to snow.

Of course one could come up with some kenning/metaphor for sleigh, like *lossekirya.

Any other ideas?