First Age in Neo-Quenya

First Age in Neo-Quenya


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Ingolonde Project
I just finished listing all Sindarin names of Beleriand and characters of the First Age, so they can be translated into (Neo)Quenya. I think that having a consensus on these matters can be very useful for different projects. The list is hosted in Tolkien Gateway, as it can be useful to check the links, but maybe it could be better somewhere else?

I already tried to translate some of them, but I'm still a beginner, and phonetic equivalences are not my strength. 

Submitted by Atwe Wed, 12/25/2019 - 10:34

Welcome to Aglardh!

Interesting project. It is always a tough question whether a proper noun should be translated or phonetically adapted, but it course even as a sort of mental exercise it can be an exciting thing to produce believable translations. I'll try to comment on them here, of you don't mind.