The Quenya Definite Article

The Quenya Definite Article

With permission, I'm posting a link to Raccoon's description of the Quenya Definite Article, which is much more detailed than mine:

This file was originally posted in Discord. I wanted to put a copy of this very interesting research into a publicly accessible location to make it less likely it would be lost in the mists of the Internet.


Submitted by Atwe Sun, 01/19/2020 - 11:39

A very interesting article and research, I will have to read through it a few times. Thank you for posting the link.

I don't fully follow these two statements in the Possessive Pronouns section though:

Languages which have suffixed or postpositioned pronouns (Hungarian, Greek) typically treat them as adjective genitives and require the article (Hungarian can also drop the article before the father for example).

I don't know what the fact that pronouns in Hungarian can be inflected has to do with the fact that when they function as possessive adjectives they require an article: az én házam literally "the my house"; and the bit about the article being dropped is also puzzling.

Submitted by Paul Strack Sun, 01/19/2020 - 22:49

Yeah, the article is super dense and there are a lot of things I’m vague on myself. I don’t think Raccoon spends much time on these forums, but he regularly visits the Vinye Lambengolmor Discord server if you want to ask him directly.