Sentence adverbs

Sentence adverbs

Sentence adverbs - adverbs that somehow belong to/modify the entire sentence - are common in natural languages so presumably they would be present in Eldarin, too. Looking through attested phrases in Eldamo however, I have only found two instances: the Early Qenya ar váro naltur an ómi karmar “*but rather they are to all deeds”, and the well known Sindarin edregol e aníra tírad... "in especial he desires to see..."

Typical examples

honestly, actually, unfortunately, regrettably, rather, hopefully, especially, possibly, probably etc etc...

So it's not easy to deduce how sentences of this kind would look in mature Quenya. I can think of several options:

- adverbs fully formed from adjectives: *nainaimave, *kárimave, *tulumaitie etc

- bare adjectives used as adverbs: *nainaima, tulumaite, kárima etc.

- possibly there was no such thing in LQ and these were expressed with a full clause: nas kárima sa... "it is possible that..."





Submitted by Lokyt Wed, 02/05/2020 - 20:55

This is another part of a huge general problem of adverbiality in Elvish, one that Tolkien struggled with all his life.
So I think this can be cracked only together with the rest of this problem.