The Glossing Thread

The Glossing Thread


There are ~60 Middle Quenya and Late Quenya entries in Eldamo marked as [unglossed] — some probably trivial, others more obscure, or outright impossible to deduct. I had this idea to open this thread to discuss and possibly assign a consensual meaning to them (where possible), which could then be added to the neo section of Eldamo.

If the exercise is a "success" we could extend it to other languages.

Here is the list of unglossed Quenya entries (thank you, Paul, for the Eldamo csv export) - let the glossing begin!:

ᴹQ.                  alama                                                                         n

ᴹQ.                  amaldume                                                                 n

ᴹQ.                  anaristya                                                                    n

ᴹQ.                  engwa²                                                                       ?

ᴹQ.                  ereáma                                                                       ?

ᴹQ.                  es                                                                                 pron adv

ᴹQ.                  hyelma                                                                       ?

ᴹQ.                  kaltua                                                                         ?

ᴹQ.                  kanda                                                                          n

ᴹQ.                  lau(w)e                                                                       ?

ᴹQ.                  mahtya                                                                       ?

ᴹQ.                  mai(y)a                                                                       n

ᴹQ.                  maldo                                                                         n

ᴹQ.                  nandakka-                                                                  vb

ᴹQ.                  nerno                                                                          ?

ᴹQ.                  niule                                                                            ?

ᴹQ.                  olta-                                                                            vb

ᴹQ.                  rampa                                                                         ?

ᴹQ.                  sahte                                                                           n

ᴹQ.                  sisíria-                                                                         vb

ᴹQ.                  séra                                                                             ?

ᴹQ.                  sóla                                                                             ?

ᴹQ.                  tante                                                                           n

ᴹQ.                  tatalta-                                                                       vb

ᴹQ.                  teuka                                                                          ?

ᴹQ.                  thar-¹                                                                           vb

ᴹQ.                  timpana                                                                      n

ᴹQ.                  toina                                                                           adj

ᴹQ.                  toróma                                                                       n

ᴹQ.                  tyue                                                                             n

ᴹQ.                  varinye                                                                       n

ᴹQ.                  yelme²                                                                        n

ᴹQ.                  éma                                                                             ?

Q.                    amya-²                                                                        vb

Q.                    cairë                                                                            ?

Q.                    conta-                                                                         vb

Q.                    cúma                                                                           n

Q.                    felca                                                                            adj

Q.                    felehta-                                                                      vb

Q.                    finca²                                                                          n

Q.                    hindo                                                                          n

Q.                    hindë                                                                           n

Q.                    holdë                                                                          n

Q.                    háro                                                                            ?

Q.                    lingi-                                                                            vb

Q.                    maitya                                                                        ?

Q.                    malsa                                                                          ?

Q.                    melya-                                                                        vb

Q.                    naue                                                                            ?

Q.                    sal-                                                                              vb

Q.                    sélo                                                                             ?

Q.                    sóla                                                                             ?

Q.                    tancarya-                                                                   vb

Q.                    thar-                                                                            vb

Q.                    tomba                                                                         n

Q.                    tompë                                                                         n

Q.                    um(ba)-                                                                      pref

Q.                    umbacarin                                                                 n

Q.                    éna                                                                              ?

Q.                    úpa-                                                                            vb

Q.                    þúna                                                                            ?


Submitted by Jim Coish Sat, 02/22/2020 - 02:52

These are my ideas:


Since I lost my copies of PE17 and PE19 to fire a few years ago I couldn't use them to deduce from them. I used Eldamo (I copied and pasted, sorry Paul) and my copies of PE21 and PE22.


*amya-² v. to go up < AM² "go up".

*anaristya n. [??], [lit.] sun-knowledge < Anar "Sun" + istya "knowledge" (not sure how Paul guessed this to be a noun. I think it could be a verb < *ristya-, maybe from rista-).

*canda n. a dare < kandā "bold" < ᴹ√KAN "dare".

*conta- v. to gather, pack up < KOM "gather, collect".

*cúma n. a bow < kūma > S. cû "bow".

*es pron. adv. there, yonder, far away; look yon(der); that; in that (future) case, < perhaps an assimilated form of en (end-) < ᴹ√EN "yonder, over there".

*felca adj. cavernous; mined < PHELEK "*cave".

*felehta- v. to excavate, mine < PHELEK "*cave".

*finca² n. a lock of hair < phinik < SPIN(ID) "fine thread, filament; hair" < SPIN- > S. fing "lock of hair".

*hinde n. a girl-child, < perhaps a feminine form of hīn(i) < KHIN "child".

*hindo n. a boy-child, <  perhaps a masculine form of hīn(i) < KHIN "child".

*holde n. a closed thing < SKOL "shut, close".

*hyelma [n.?] a glass thing < ᴹ√KHYEL(ES) "glass".

*lingi- v. to hang, dangle < *linga- v. "*to hang, dangle".

*mai(y)a n. a use < magyā < mā̆iya < māya < ᴹ√MAG "use, handle".

*nandacca- v. to keep on hating < ᴹ√(N)DAK "hate".

*nerno [n.?] an adult male, man; bridegroom < ᴹ√(N)DER "adult male, man; bridegroom".

*olta- v. to magnify, extol, praise < auluta- "?" < áulta- < áuluta- < Q. olta-¹ v. "to magnify, extol, praise".

*sisíria- (*sisírya-) v. to keep on flowing < sirya- "to flow (smoothly)".

*tancarya- v. to become firm, settle down , cf. tañkās- "to become firm, settle down"; niñkwis- "to (begin to) grow pale" > tankasyā- > tankarya-; ninkwisyā- > ninquirya- (PE22/135).

*tatalta- v. to keep on falling < talta-"to slip (down), fall, slide down, slope".

*tomba n. a gong < TOM "of resonant sounds" < Q. tombo n. "gong".

*tompe n. a small drum < TOM "of resonant sounds" < Q. tompa n. "small drum".

*toróma n. [??]-sound < torōmā "?".

*†þar- v. to stiffen < thar < ᴹ√STAR "stiff".

*um(ba)- pref. un-, *evil < UMU "expressing privation" < Ū "denial of fact, privation, negative element".

*umbacarin n. an undoing, an *evil-doing < UMU "expressing privation" < Ū "denial of fact, privation, negative element".

*úpa- v. to be mute, silent; to silence, < perhaps a verb form of úpa "dumb").

*yelme² n. friendship < ᴹ√YEL² "friend".