Filikion Orie

Filikion Orie

Firyaron úme ehehtanie ostor; *immenwaron sanga vanwa mallellor; mal neme sa kuimar *nanwapar ya sámer. Ostosse mi Wales *oronye *naikor untaner ununter i orontello ya tára ara i osto ar mapaner maller auvientanna. Ostove rusqui *verkatánier *ildome i nóresse; ar sí i Guardian nyára sa *nemesteáve *kauke filiki nanwénar tarwalvannar, uo as ente nostaler aiwion.

Oianemme silúmea koammasse ter telwa *queanyen, ar *nanqui *millume filikion hostar *tutullaner tarwammanna ter quanta koranar, *lanéya nótenta ipíkie. Tensi lá ekénien i filikion nótion orie ya i Guardian teke, mal naitie ekénien nostaler i fai larimbe ner tarwammasse: *kit, *mundohen, hahta filit – é Anar illume síla or i lumbor, yalle quetir.

The hosts of people has abandoned the cities; the throng of cars is gone from the roads; but it seems that animals are taking back what they had. In a town in Wales mountain goats have descended from the mountain that stands next to the town and took the streets into their possession. Urban foxes have boldened everywhere in the country; and now the Guardian reports that apparently house sparrows are returning to our gardens, together with other bird species.

We have lived in our current house for the last decade, and although at first a large number of sparrows visited our garden throughout the whole year, recently their number had dwindled. I have not yet seen the rise in the number of sparrows that the Guardian writes about, but indeed have seen species that were infrequent in our garden before: tit, wren, dunnock  – indeed the sun always shines above the clunds, as they say.

*immenwa n. "vehicle, automobile" < im- "self" + men- "go, proceed" + -ma "noun suffix"

*nanwapa- vb "take back, requit" < nan- + mapa-

*oronya, orontya adj. "related to mountains" < oron

*naiko n. "goat"

*verkata- vb "bolden, embolden" < verka

*ildome adv. "everywhere" < il- + nome

*nemesteáve adv. "apparently" < nemestea

*kauka adj. "house, domestic" < KAW 

*kauka filit n. "house sparrow"

*queanyen n. "decade"

*tutulla- vb "keep coming, visit" < tul-

*kit n. "tit, titmouse" < KIT

*mundohen n. "wren, lit. 'oxeye'" shamelessly calqued from Hungarian ökörszem, on account of the size of the bird

*hahta filit n. "dunnock, hedge sparrow"