Sindarin Phonetic Development (Part 18)

Sindarin Phonetic Development (Part 18)


OS. [m] became [w] after aspirates; [{ptk}ʰm] > [{ptk}ʰw]

Old Noldorin has a couple clear examples in which [tʰm] > [tʰw]:

There is also a indication that [kʰm] > [kʰw] in notes associated with the Old Noldorin uses of the Feanorian Alphabet from the 1930s:

Signs of the change 9 [ɧ] > χı̯ medially are seen in the confusion in late ON of medial = khy and 9, and in the occasional appearance of initial after the article `B [i] “the” for 9. Similarly a sign of change of o  [ƕ] > χu̯ is seen in the use of this sign instead of or dn for the rare khw (derived from PQ khm) [emphasis added] (PE22/29).

Whether this sound change also applied to [pʰm] is unclear, as is whether or not this change could occur in later Sindarin also.