Allama Iqbal: Two Planets

I came across Allama Iqbal's poem Two Planets the other day and thought I might give it a try. I rearranged the rhyme structure a little bit in the first half out of necessity.
The original was written in Urdu, which I don't speak, so I worked from the English translation. I can only hope I have not turned the poem into a game of Chinese whispers.

John Keats: I Had a Dove

Posthumous portrait of Keats by William Hilton

As it's the 200th anniversary of the death of the romantic poet John Keats, here's the Quenya translation of one of his poems that he wrote on the death of a favourite bird he'd been keeping.

I took some licence by assuming a shortening of manan to ma'n in fast speech and in poetry, but the lines would've been overlong otherwise.

Sámen kukúa ar i lisse firne;

Ar náven firnes nyérenen:

Anakreón: Epigram

This is a short poem of two elegiac couplets (each of which consists of a hexameter and a pentameter) written by the Greek poet Anakreón that I learned in school eons ago. The trouble is, I am unable to find an original version of this epigram anywhere or even an English version, so I went by the Hungarian translation I remember (translated by Miklós Radnóti). Better let's not call it a translation but an adaptation then (or a game of Chinese whisper).

The metre is supposed to be


This little poem is heavily inspired by a poem written by Hungarian poet Sándor Weöres that was known practically by every child when I grew up (and probably still is). I can't call it a translation as I simply lack the vocabulary and skills to do it justice, but I at least tried to convey the rhythm (the original consists purely of molossi to mimic the swinging-ringin motion and sound of the sleighs) and sense.