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Select Elvish Words 1.11-1.12: World, Universe

1.11 World

Q. Ambar, n. “The World, Earth, (lit.) Habitation, Settlement”

The word Ambar is probably the most common Quenya word for the “World”. Its more literal meaning is “Habitation” (MR/337; NM/226) or “Settlement” (PE17/163) in the sense that it is the realm in which the children of Eru (Elves and Men) live. A clear description of this notion can be found in notes from late 1960s:

Select Elvish Words: Introduction

Since I have wrapped up my series on “Select Primitive Elvish Roots”, I am starting a new series on “Select Elvish Words”. This series is for the next major phase of Eldamo’s development: dictionary entries for Elvish words. My plan is to discuss the meanings, etymologies, and conceptual development of various Elvish words, as well as their possible uses in Neo-Elvish.

Eldamo 0.8.0 is released

See Updates for this release:

  • Added information from The Nature of Middle Earth.
  • Finished dictionary entries for Primitive Elvish roots: √N - √YUR.
  • Add semantic category link to word pages.
  • Finished semantic categorization of Sindarin/Noldorin/Gnomish.
  • Edited and reviewed Quenya semantic categories.