*Aþalerye nalve pá i quettar,


Vilyanna hatilvet yalle kulustar-

Tarye quettar,

Raique quettar,

Nwalke quettar,

Aþyaile quettar,

Míwe quettar i *taltilyar pélo hlarunta.


Ananta melmeo lenkie kante quettar

Ar i rávie quettar i rúkina endo –

Inte komyalve.


Pauli Murray


We are spendthrifts with words,
We squander them,
Toss them like pennies in the air–
Arrogant words,
Angry words,
Cruel words,
Comradely words,
Shy words tiptoeing from mouth to ear.
But the slowly wrought words of love
and the thunderous words of heartbreak–
Those we hoard.

aþalerya adj. "easily releasing, spendthrift, reckless"

taltilya- verb "tiptoe" cf. G. tentha-



Submitted by Atwe Mon, 02/04/2019 - 11:13

It would be nice to have a verb "to hoard", a stronger version of "collect". Something related to haura?

Submitted by Robert Reynolds Thu, 02/07/2019 - 20:10

In reply to by Atwe

Similarly, KHAWAD > haulya- > holya-, which is a homophone for a different useful late verb. The root seems fitting. Another potential workaround is to use a straight intensive prefix, as in á nore amnórie and similar: amahosta- or ankomya-. Internal augmentation doesn't jump out at me in this case. This is a tricky one.