A View From Revelstone

A View From Revelstone

Translation of a paragraph from a favourite novel, Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen R. Donaldson.

The balcony was in the eastern face of the tower, overlooking a broad reach of plains. The late afternoon sun cast the shadow of the promontory eastward like an aegis, and in the subdued light beyond the shadow the plains appeared various and colourful. Bluish grasslands and ploughed brown fields and new-green crops intervaled each other into the distance, and between them sun-silvered threads of streams ran east and south; the clustered spots of villages spread a frail web of habitation over the fields; purple heather and grey bracken lay in broadening swaths toward the north. To his right, Covenant could see far away the the White River winding in the direction of Trothgard.

I *rambatalma i mindo orróna antasse né, ortírila landaron palda *raque. Anar telwa aureva  hante i nehteo leo hrómenna ve kauma, ar i landar leliner *viríti ar *lillaitie i nuhtaina kalasse. *Luinevíe Luininki *1salquenori, *hyarine hróve palari, wenye restar lanyaner min i exanna *hairienna2, ar imbe te kelussion silme ipsini nórer hrómenna yo hyarmenna; opelion kombi palyaner maro néka natse i palannar; luikarne orikon ar miste filque keanter mi *landataila rimpi formenna. Formayanna enke Covenanten kene Lossenduine vahaiya *quequere Vandanoro mentienna.

*rambatalma n. "wall-platform, balcony"
*raque n. "reach" RAK
*viríte adj. "various"
*lillaitea adj. "colourful, many-coloured"
*luinevéa adj. "bluish"
*hyarina past ppl. "ploughed" HYAD
*landata- vb "broaden, widen"
*quequer- freq. vb "keep turning, twist and turn, wind, weave"

EDIT: there is an attested adjective luininke "bluish", corrected in the text now.