Version 0.7.0 of Eldamo

Version 0.7.0 of Eldamo

I've released version 0.7.0 of Eldamo:

In this release, I've finished up my work on incorporating neologisms into Eldamo for the time being. I will still capture and add individual neologisms as I see them.

I fixed the issue where neologisms would appear when searching and browsing in "Academic Mode". Unfortunately there was a bug in the search that I didn't notice until after I finished the build, so I fixed on the site but it isn't fixed in the downloadable copy. It will be fixed everywhere in the next release.

I also took a stab at doing Semantic Mappings for Quenya and it was ... exhausting. I finished a first pass, but it needs review. However, I am too sick of it to continue on it right now, much less tackle Sindarn. I will do more later.

Next up, I intend to do a deep dive on Sindarin phonetics, hopefully putting it into something resembling a finished state.

Furthermore, now that G+ is dying, I need to change how I publicize Eldamo releases. In particular, I intend to cross post in several places:

3) The Vinye Langengolmor Discord Group

Real Elvish and Aglardh both have RSS feeds you can use to monitor their news:

In addition, the release notices in Github also have an Atom feed (basically RSS):

The last of these is the most "reliable" in the sense that I intend to remain on Github indefinitely. However, I chose the other sites for their activity and longevity, and intend to stay on them for as long as they are around. I will also keep posting in G+ until it is shut down.


Submitted by Atwe Sat, 11/10/2018 - 16:43

Thank you for the announcement and your hard work, Paul!

The semantic categorization is very-very welcome. I'll check it out right away.

Submitted by Atwe Sat, 11/10/2018 - 16:50

I see that the semantic categorization is "one way only" for the time being, meaning that I can get to the entries from the semantic categories, but there is no field/flag in the entries themeselves indicating what semantic category they belong to. Is this something you are planning to introduce? Or perhaps add the semantic categories to the search options?

This is not meant to "push you" in any way, just asking :)