Kauma Lakénimasseva

Kauma Lakénimasseva

Ké lamyas *úsávima, mal *autamor akárier terkénima kauma ya pole fanta  engwi kata sa (lan apantas i *katamen) ar vista te lakénime - laqui nante ambena i kauma, itas eke mon hententa te...

Maybe it sounds hard to believe, but inventors have made a transparent shield which is able to veil things behind it (while showing the background) and turn them invisible - unless they are closer to the shield, in which case one can spot them...



Submitted by S P Sat, 10/19/2019 - 15:19

Pro-LotR-era grammar-nazis would probably use *autamóli (á la vanimáli(on), coranári ), if unbothered by the fact that that form looks as if it contains the plural of mól "slave" or {{mólë}} "labour". Well, at least we know that -mo / mo indeed had an /o/ at the proto-language stage and not a /u/.