New Series: Quenya Grammar

New Series: Quenya Grammar

I’m starting the next phase of Eldamo Elvish-language analysis, a comprehensive survey of Quenya grammar. I’m very excited about doing this series. It is something I’ve wanted to work on for nearly a decade, but there was a lot of ground work I needed to cover first.

As I did with the phonetics series, I intend to cover both “current” language usage (Late Quenya) and conceptual development from earlier conceptual stages (Early and Middle Quenya). I also intend to cover the historical (in universe) origins of grammatical elements to the extent that these are known. Along the way I will express some opinions about which forms are best to use for Neo-Quenya.

I intend to write the grammar to be accessible to someone with no prior knowledge of Quenya beyond Tolkien’s major narrative works (The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion). However, the series is not really targeted at beginners; I want to write a reference grammar rather than an educational course. There are already a number of decent introductory courses out there, but I don’t think any of them serve well as a reference grammar. The reference grammars that exist are mostly summaries rather than comprehensive surveys. There is a severe lack of “intermediate level” material for Quenya, and I hope this grammar will help fill that gap.

As I go, I intended to add the entries from this series to Eldamo (, must as I did for the phonetics series. Unlike the phonetics series, I intend to do the relevant research as I go along. There won’t be a four month gap as I do basic research as there was with the phonetic series, but the gaps between individual posts will be longer.

As usual, I would appreciate any feedback people give me.