Elen Hya Andamunda?

Elen Hya Andamunda?

sun surface

Si aia raiwe, si engwe ya neme ve kuluina andamundo helma ná naitie emma Anaro “palmeo”. I *palantilla Inouye ya tára to Hawaii akárie i emma ya ná venya minya arwa taite alta *askatiéo. *Sastanen i quetta palme imbe *eques-tehtat, an láse naite palme, *aryaquenta náse yasse Anaro úra *hisse ola *nelka ar potai kénima. I palantillo amalta askátie lári otso, epetai ere i kuluine mottoron alta *yúla-olla ve Texas. I mottor nar yasse i úra hisse orya ana Anaro orwe yondi, ta nanunta ter i ammorne astar.

I palantilla Imouye akárina *induina Anar kendien, ar *tulumaitie napanuva nólelvanna pá elenelva.

This strange lace, this thing that looks like the skin of an orange elephant is in fact an image of the Sun’s “surface”. The Inouye telescope, which stands on Hawaii, took the image which is our first one with such a large resolution. I put the word surface between quotation marks because it’s not a true surface, rather it is where the hot plasma of the Sun becomes dense and therefore visible. The biggest resolution of the telescope is 30km, so one of the orange blots is more or less as big as Texas. The blots are where the hot gas rises towards the Sun’s upper regions, then descends back through the darker parts.

The Inouye telescope was specifically made to examine the Sun, and will probably enhance our knowledge about our star.

*palantilla n. “telescope” cf. kilintilla, palantír

*askatie n. “resolution, lit. breaking-apart”

*sasta- vb “put, place” < SAT

*eques-tehta n. “quotation mark”

*aryaquenta adv. “rather, better said” cf. alaquenta

*hisse or hitse n. “gas, plasma” <KHITH, to differentiate from other derivatives meaning “mist, fog”

*nelka adj. “dense, thick” from Eldamo

*yúla-olla adv. “around, cca, estimated, lit. under-over”

*induina adj., ppl, adv “on purpose, specifically” < indu-

*tulumaitie adv. “probably” < tulumaite