WB Yeats: A Dream Of Death

WB Yeats: A Dream Of Death

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`{y-5= 5p5 t[ h;Z`peP7p`= tp l-`- 5{6

tl[5- e=`-j/[ e~-h;- Z

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i-5l-j- Z 5}1-5=6 i= `=7px- Z

`-6 1[ `p 9-d1- `[61-5=6

3-6n= 7]2-j1[ a-7pg- Z

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1=5/- `=a/-4=5 ip z=4- L

y-5;- 5+ j~- tp5;- 5=jp,=j;- Z

t-j iP t] q-5[jp al-1- V

Olóre pá Firie


Ólane nin mo y’ ifírie mi *aia nór

Moina feallo háya,

Ar i *móror *taxentaner panor

Tupita kanwaya,

Sanaila, nútaner se erinqua,

Ar to i hahta ortaner

Tarwe ya rundalto karinwa,

*Kiparissi *koro alaner;

Ta hehtanentes *alápime élin

Tenna *ekkanten si quenta:

Nése vanya lá minya melisselya

Mal sí nu panoli kaita.

Rough translation:


I dreamt of one who dies in a strange land

Far from a familiar soul,

And the workers nailed boards

To cover her face,

Thinking, they buried her lonely,

And on the mound they erected

A cross made of two pieces of wood,

They planted cypresses around;

Then left her to indifferent stars

Until a carved this saying:

She was more beautiful than your first love,

But now she lies under boards.

Original poem:


I dreamed that one had died in a strange place

Near no accustomed hand,

And they had nailed the boards above her face,

The peasants of that land,

Wondering to lay her in that solitude,

And raised above her mound

A cross they had made out of two bits of wood,

And planted cypress round;

And left her to the indifferent stars above

Until I carved these words:

She was more beautiful than thy first love,

But now lies under boards.

*aia adj. "strange" < aiano "stranger"

*móro n. "worker, labourer" < MÔ, as opposed to mól "slave"

*taxenta- vb "to nail, nail down" < taxe, cf. telkonta-

*kiparisse n. "cypress", see https://www.etymonline.com/search?q=cypress

*koro adv. "around", see EQ rimni, and cf. VOR > voro

*ápima adj. "concerned, caring, interested" < ap-

*alápima adj. "disinterested, indifferent"

*ekkanta vb "shape out, form, carve" < et + kanta-, cognate of S echad-