Neither of them were neutral

Neither of them were neutral


It's funny how things that should be evident sometimes stay hidden despite glaring in your face - yesterday I was musing about how I would express the adjective neutral in NeoQuenya. This, of course, led me to Etymonline and the aforementioned into-face-glaring, when I realized that L neuter, the basis of the word neutralis, is cognate of English neither, which of course makes all the sense in the world (Hungarian semleges "neutral" also comes from sem "nor, neither".

Now the neo adverb I coined for "nor, neither" is *yúla modelled after kéla and quílas so it makes one wondering whether that could be turned into an adjective *yúlea "neutral" but then I am not certain one can do this with adverbs (perhaps the ambe/amba pair could support the experiment). There is also the thing of course that *yúla is not necessarily the only option to coin "neither", it could be something like *úyo, based on yúyo (and then, *úya?).

And then again one could come up with an altogether different metaphor to express that something is neutral. I would love to read your (totally neutral) opinions and ideas.

Submitted by S P Mon, 04/27/2020 - 18:53

I myself wouldn't have a problem using a translation of either "factionless" or "genderless" for this as well. Another question is how one would translate those into Quenya, of course!

An adjective which means either "like the one in the middle" or "thirdlike" should be easier.