Polka to i Ramba

Polka to i Ramba


To i tolle Sulawesi mi Indonesia, mi felko *vanwienduri utúlier i tulumaite i anyára *tekemmaron apantaila kelva ná. I tekemma tekina karne vaxenen ar apanta polda polka arwa tumpo atta to kaserya i ké karkat nát. Or i polka eke mon kene *márunyat, ar lanna to i ramba ambe polkato *tekemmato*lemmar, nainalima amna queline tensi. I tekemmaron *fintale tea i karindo arimaite né. I vanwienduri navir i polkar tekine koranari *tuxainen *kanaquain lempe yá.

On the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia in a cave historians have discovered probably the oldest drawing depicting an animal. The drawing was made in red pigment and shows a burly pig having two knobs on its head which may be its tusks. Above the pig one can see a pair of handprints, and athwart on the wall the remnants of two more drawings of pigs, sadly almost perished by now. The quality of the drawings indicates that the maker was very skilled. The historians deem that the pictures were drawn forty-five thousand years ago.




(Image: Maxime Aubert)