Tengwar Silumie Regular

Tengwar Silumie Regular



Tengwar Silúmie is a new, experimental typeface and font using OpenType features to make typing easier.

Character Design

My aim with the design of Silúmie was to marry the traditional tengwar shapes with the features of a classic Latin typeface. Main features are:

  • slab serifs
  • ball terminals
  • reduced variation of stroke width
  • tehtar positioned higher/lower

These characteristics I hope will improve readibility and make the typeface well suited for online use.


Keyboard Layout

Tengwar Silúmie uses kerning and contextual alternates to render the tehtar appropriate for the underlying tengwa. This means that when, for example, the user types an a-tehta, the font auomatically selects the a-tehta variant that suits the width of the tengwa over which it is positioned. This frees up most of the spaces on the SHIFT pane for use, and the entire base set of characters fits the standard US QWERTY keyboard layout, while the tehta alternates sit in the Latin-extended section which does not need to be accessed by the user.

The downloadable zip file contains an image of the set of characters and corresponding keys, but the main sections on the keyboard are as follows:

  • 1 to 0, q to o, a to l, and z to . : base tengwar
  • on the right hand side of the keyboard, the keys - = p [ ] ; ' \ / and their SHIFT variants, plus > hold the tehtar
  • SHIFT + 1 to 0 are the numbers
  • SHIFT + Q to O, and A to J are less common tengwar
  • SHIFT + K, L, and Z to M are punctuation characters




The font can be downloaded in a zip file which contains a regular OpenType font file (Tengwar Silumie Regular.otf), a webfont file (tgsreg.woff) for embedding into websites, and an image of the character set.

The file can be downloaded from this link.

You can also try the font here on Aglardh, if you enclose your text in [ tgs ] and [ /tgs ] tags (omit the spaces within the brackets):

[tgs]`-xp`[5 `p`= `]t-5 `=g-[/tgs]


I will be happy to receive your feedback - don't hesitate to post a comment under this post, contact me in a private message or via email.