Atanquesta is a textbook for those who would like to learn NeoQuenya, a derivative of Quenya, or High Elven, a language developed by JRR Tolkien. Its aim is to present a grammar compiled from Tolkien’s ideas that have evolved over the decades he spent working on the language, a grammar as comprehensive as possible to allow speakers use NeoQuenya as a(n almost) complete language. I have explained the rationale behind the book in more detail in the foreword.

The textbook is a primer, aimed at beginners, or intermediate students, who would like some guidance how to treat the grammar of NeoQuenya as a whole. It is not a scholarly treatise on the evolution of Quenya, its place in the language tree of Middle Earth, or its relation to the rich historical backdrop as imagined by Professor Tolkien. However, it may well serve as a starting point for those who would like to venture further and gain an in-depth knowledge of Quenya. I am providing an online version hosted on Google Drive; however, if you wish to read it offline, you can find downloadable versions on the Downloadables page. The document also contains links to audio files that will hopefully aid students in their pronunciation efforts.

I will do my best to keep¬†Atanquesta up-to-date and improving. Tolkien’s linguistic writings are still being published in specialist journals, and new information that emerges in them may very well make it necessary to update or rewrite certain sections of the textbook.¬†

I will be also very grateful for your feedback, and am happy to discuss what’s presented in the textbook, or help you in your understanding if you need clarification and guidance, and I most heartily invite all readers who’d like to interact to the Languages of Middle-Earth community on Google Plus, where I am founder and member.

However, I am also happy to answer emails, or you can leave your comment or question in the Feedback page of this website – you can access it from the main menu on the top. Please have a look at the Contacts page for details on how to reach out to me.

Have fun!


Tamas Ferencz

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