The NeoQuenya and NeoSindarin Wiktionary


The NeoQuenya and NeoSindarin Wiktionary

Welcome to VinQuettaParma

VinQuettaParma (VQP) is a community-maintained wiktionary of NeoQuenya and NeoSindarin neologisms, coined words, and phrases. It is intended to be a resource for anyone wishing to author or translate texts in NeoQuenya and NeoSindarin, or use the language in discussions etc.

Principles of VinQuettaParma

The entries in this wiktionary do not represent any official vocabulary of the languages created by Tolkien. The only authenticity behind them can be given by the consensus and usage of the community.

The editors of VQP recommend that the following principles are employed when using NeoQuenya or NeoSindarin:

  • Authentic, attested words created by Tolkien should have precedence over neologisms
  • Paraphrasing and kenning are often a better solution than a neologism
  • Neologisms should be created by careful observation of attested words or phrases of similar semantics or structure, and their etymology, to remain as close to the principles behind the attested vocabulary as possible. De novo creation of roots or words is strongly discouraged.

Editing and Discussion

Creation and editing of entries is limited to registered editors of VQP to avoid spamming. Registered users can discuss the entries on the Discussion page of each entry. The entries can also be commented on in the Languages of Middle-Earth Community on Google Plus.

This site is based on DokuWiki. Editors can have a look at syntax to get help on DokuWiki markup and can play around with the formatting possibilities in the playground.

Entries should follow the formatting rules outlined on the formatting entries page.