Quenya Grammar P51: Weak Verbs

Tolkien’s terminology regarding weak verbs is somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes he used this term to describe a specific verb class, and other times he used it to contrast weak versus strong past tenses within a given verb class. In one place, he used it to describe an entire category of verb classes, some with weak conjugations and some without (PE22/113).

Quenya Grammar P50: Derived Verbs

Derived verbs, as opposed to basic verbs, are those formed by adding some kind of verbal suffix to another word or root. The root may be verbal or non-verbal. Strictly speaking, the derived verbs are not themselves a distinct verb class, but are rather a collection of similar and related verbal classes. Nevertheless it is useful to have a term for grouping grammatical features common to these verbs classes. The major types of derived verbs are the causatives, formatives and non-verbal derived verbs.

Anakreón: Epigram

This is a short poem of two elegiac couplets (each of which consists of a hexameter and a pentameter) written by the Greek poet Anakreón that I learned in school eons ago. The trouble is, I am unable to find an original version of this epigram anywhere or even an English version, so I went by the Hungarian translation I remember (translated by Miklós Radnóti). Better let's not call it a translation but an adaptation then (or a game of Chinese whisper).

The metre is supposed to be