Quenya Grammar P87: Interrogative

Questions (interrogatives) in Quenya can be indicated by intonation alone, just like in English: túlalye? “you are coming?” However, more often they are marked with the interrogative particle ma. This particle was derived from the ancient root √MA, which was mentioned in several places (PE17/68, 162; VT47/19). Tolkien discussed its use in some detail in Late Notes on Verb Structure (LVS) from 1969:

Neither of them were neutral


It's funny how things that should be evident sometimes stay hidden despite glaring in your face - yesterday I was musing about how I would express the adjective neutral in NeoQuenya. This, of course, led me to Etymonline and the aforementioned into-face-glaring, when I realized that L neuter, the basis of the word neutralis, is cognate of English neither, which of course makes all the sense in the world (Hungarian semleges "neutral" also comes from sem "nor, neither".