Select Elvish Words 1.41: Woods, Forest

1.41 Woods, Forest

Q. ornendur n. “tree-keep, forester, woodsman”

A word in 1959 notes Tolkien described as “a tree-keep, a forester, a ‘woodsman’, a man concerned with trees as we might say ‘professionally’ (NM/20)”. It was given as an example of the use of the suffix -(n)dur, and its initial element is ornë “tree”.

Select Elvish Words 1.37-1.38: Spring, Well, Whirlpool

1.37 Spring, Well

Q. celussë n. “freshnet, water falling out swiftly from a rocky spring”

Quenya equivalent of the river name S. Celos, glossed “freshnet, water falling out swiftly from a rocky spring” and derived from a combination of ✶kelu- “flow (swiftly)” and the abstract noun suffix -ssë (UTI/Celos).

Select Elvish Words 1.351-1.352: Foam, Froth, Splash, Spray

ᴹQ. falle n. “foam”

A noun in The Etymologies of the 1930s glossed “foam” derived from the root ᴹ√PHAL of the same meaning (Ety/PHAL).

Q. wingë n. “foam, spindrift, spray, [ᴹQ.] wave crest, [ᴱQ.] froth, scud; ⚠️wave”

A noun for “foam” or “spray”, described at one point as “properly a flying splume or spindrift blown off wavetops” (PM/392).