Caedmon's Hymn

This is a NeoQuenya rendition of Caedmon’s Hymn found in Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum by the Venerable Bede.

Sí mauya ven laita    Maitaro melehte,
Ortir Araniéva,     ar Indómeya,
Alkataro karme,     an ilye elmendín,
Oira Héru,     akárie yesse.
Káres millume    Kemeno firyain
Armenel i untúpa,    Aina Maitar;
Ta Endamar,     atanion varno,
Aina Artaher,    epetai káre,
Kén kuitaron,     Kundo meletya.

Nu we sculon herigean     heofonrices weard,
meotodes meahte     ond his modgeþanc,
weorc wuldorfæder,     swa he wundra gehwæs,
ece drihten,    or onstealde.
He ærest sceop     eorðan bearnum
heofon to hrofe,     halig scyppend;
þa middangeard     moncynnes weard,
ece drihten,     æfter teode
firum foldan,    frea ælmihtig.

Now we must praise     the Protector of the heavenly kingdom,
the might of the Measurer     and His mind’s purpose,
the work of the Father of Glory,     as He for each of the wonders,
the eternal Lord,     established a beginning.
He shaped first    for the sons of the Earth
heaven as a roof,     the Holy Maker;
then the Middle‐World,    mankind’s Guardian,
the eternal Lord,     made afterwards,
solid ground for men,    the almighty Lord.

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